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Metrix is now on a new chain!

The swap window was between:

25 September 2020 - 01 December 2020

Any coins on the old chain are now considered burned.

With the new chain brings more possiblities for additional features and comes with an improved faster wallet. Masternodes have been replaced with Governor nodes, which gives the community to propose and cast votes once there are at least 100 Governors. Staking is still available, but at a reduced ROI to stop the hyper-inflation from before.

Utility and decentralized payments

Metrix is a digital currency that focuses on bringing ease-of-use to the forefront of the Digital Asset age - We build products that focus on utility, as well as making it easy for the Vendor to be able to accept payments, no matter what business they run.

Dedicated Applications

One of Metrix’s core foundations is building applications that are made specifically with the use of Metrix in mind. We have created multiple applications that focus on Metrix’s key features, and we actively encourage and assist new developers entering the space to create real useable applications powered by Metrix.

Engaging Community

One of the things we pride ourselves on here at Metrix is our dedication toward building an active, informed and engaged community. We have involvement from community members through all steps of our process, from utilizing community ambassadors for local outreach to operating community voting for upcoming changes, products and projects -- Being an active member of the Metrix community pays

01. Features

Lets Talk Product The things that make us unique

A scalable, flexible digital asset

Metrix was designed to be a completely flexible, easily scalable digital asset that can be used in a multitude of applications. With fast blocktimes, instant TX features and it’s own payment processing app, Metrix can power any storefront, anywhere.

Easy, Secure, Proof of Stake

Metrix incorporates PoS into its everyday use in multiple ways. We believe that It’s important for each user that holds a wallet to contribute to the network. This keeps TX’s fast under any load and provides rewards to every holder. The Metrix team has created many applications to aide in making full use of Metrix’s PoS consensus model such as: MyStakingWallet and Altitude, our lightweight electron wallet.

Powering multiple applications

Metrix was built with flexibility in mind, and that’s why our team has developed multiple applications featuring Metrix -- We build these to show how versatile a digital asset can be, from being a passive income generation tool, to paying for your everyday goods and using it to bet online Digital currencies can do it all and we’re here to prove it.

Our Mission

Our mission is to produce quantifiable utility for those contributing to the Metrix blockchain. Through applicable products and services, the Metrix Network continues to grow and prosper. Our modus operandi will always be to isolate real world issues, provide solutions, and enhance lifestyles.

Altitude iPhone-X

02. Our-Team

Together, We Create Meet the individuals that together make this business a success, but there are also those not featured here which includes "you" the community. Click the link below to view the full team.
We're Hiring!
Trent Richards
Trent Richards
Chris Bowe
Chris Bowe

New Roadmap Coming Soon!

03. RoadMap

Implementation Sheet Our Accomplishments
  • Finished
  • Work in progress
  • Scheduled
Important Changes
Code Development
Aircoins Partnership
Masternode Col. 2m Partner
Static Masternode Rewards
Swirlpay Partnership
Altitude Wallet Release
Vendit Agreement
100% POS
Idax Listing
Broke top 100 on CryptoMiso
Seattle Gummies Ptn
Updates to Bitcoin 0.9
Added to
Swirlpay Partnership
Rebrand Metrix
Coin Splitting Removal (Ability to set own split)
GMG Launch
New Altitude Skins
Top 20 Exchange
Head first Syncing
Merchant Directory
Subscription Contracts
Vendit Debit Card
Multilevel Masternodes
Lock Blocks
Instant Transactions
Short Addresses
20 Year Reward Plan
Binance Chain Autoswap
Vendit Credit Card
Atomic Swaps

04. Products

Metrix In-house Purpose Built Applications
My node Pool
My Node Pool

MyNodePool is one of the largest alt-coin pools available. Created and ran by the Metrix team, security is our number one, while still giving people a place to earn stakes without hosting a wallet 24/7

Visit Website
My Staking Wallet
My Staking Wallet

MyStakingWallet is our flagship multi-coin staking and masternode wallet. You can spend, hold, stake and run a masternode with multiple coins, all on your phone! Available on Google Play and Apple App stores for free.

Visit Website
Grudge Match Gaming
Grudge Match Gaming

The worlds first cryptocurrency powered gaming platform. Play friends and teams for cash, bet on live tournaments and scout for potential esports teammates. All powered by Metrix - Get paid to game 24/7, 365

Visit Website
Buy Metrix

A friendly, easy-to-use swap platform aimed at making the act of acquiring Metrix easy for even the first timer! USD* and BTC accepted!

[no longer supported]
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05. Wallet

Metrix Wallets For Everyone, For everything
Below you can find our custom Altitude wallets built on Electron for all desktop Computers

07. FAQ

Frequently Asked questions Your questions, Our Answers

We know it is a big move, but it is not one we have taken lightly. We feel it will assist us in solving the issues we had with the old Linda chain and LindaX.

It allows the core functionality provided in both blockchains (MRX & LX) to co-exist within a single solution, allowing us to focus our development time on one chain.

It is a fair solution to LindaX users and it improves the future potential for MRX holders.

The chain will be a fork of the Qtum codebase and have UTXO based transactions, the same as the current MRX chain, as well as support for EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) based smart contract support.

Yes there will be a swap. the community voted upon the swap rate which concluded into a 1:1 MRX swap; the swap rate of LindaX will be voted on soon.

We intend for Metrix to be used in as many places a possible!

Grudge Match Gaming (GMG)

We developed our own eSports betting platform where you can use Metrix to bet against other players and tournaments!

We did want to mention that on top of this GMG will be launching soon. With limited development time we have needed to focus on our core issues above first, but we do still see Grudge Match Gaming as a very important driver of volume. More Information on this will be released in the coming months.

MyStakingWallet (MSW)

We know that there is great benefit in MyStakingWallet until the swap over and we are hoping that the community will continue to support the service after the swap takes place. There is less requirement to have a server on 24/7, however, a lot of our users are supporting the team. We will continue to support this service for as long as there is demand.

One of our active goals is forever expanding our vendor pool!

- Are you a vendor and would like to accept payments?

We make it easy with MyStakingWallet! Contact us at to learn more about our easy to use tools for merchants!

Yes, the Altitude wallet has replaced the QT wallet since 3.2 - The QT wallet is slow and outdated, and this wallet is a much better fit. Try it! We’re sure you’ll love it.

Altitude comes with an automatic update feature. When a new update comes out you will get a notification and be prompted to update. You can also skip any update (Although you should always research if an update is mandatory or not)

Backing up your wallet on Altitude is **easy**! Simply go to File > Backup wallet Save it somewhere safe, save it often!

Yes coin controlling is still something that needs to be done on Altitude, how often is completely up to you and how many coins you have. It is best to keep your inputs over 100K each, but that is up to the preference of the user. If you wish to coin control it is simple, just go to Send > click on the Inputs button and select them all. Then paste your own address and send all your coins to it. This will combine all inputs into one ‘package’ or input.

Changing your language is very simple! Just go to File > Language and select one of our many supported languages. Notice an error in translation? We want to hear about it! Send us an email at:

08. Other Pages

Feedback & Guides Community Involvement, and Guides
Wiki Guides
Wiki Guides

Are you looking for guides on how to get started with the wallet or masternodes... There is a wiki guide built for that very reason. If there is anything that you become stuck on, then please visit the Discord for community support.

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10. Donation

Metroids’ Donation Address Please help us and donate

At Metrix, we are always striving to achieve new heights through building our products and community. We can’t do this alone and we are asking for your help!

If you would like to see more improvements then please donate to the team's donation addresses. All funds donated are on the public blockchain for all to see. The Metrix Coin address is a staking address where the community will also gain the added benefit of staking rewards on the donated funds prior to their use.

Please help us and donate to either the Metrix or Bitcoin addresses.
BTC: 3NhFKap8ZzKmPp5gANCZcZ9qnb7srZd3h4

You may donate MRX to this address:

metrix dark logo


You may donate BTC to this address:

metrix dark logo

BTC: 3NhFKap8ZzKmPp5gANCZcZ9qnb7srZd3h4

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