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Business Development Managers

Do you have a passion for business development? Want to help us grow our project?

We are looking to employ new BDM's to introduce new partnerships to Metrix.

We are offering some great incentives for real world use cases that are implemented. It is through our partnerships that Metrix will grow so we're taking this role seriously. If you feel that you could assist the team in this capacity then we want to work with you.

Let's grow our project together!

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Social Media Ambassadors

Do you have a passion for blockchain? Want to help us spread the word of MRX and earn rewards?

The Metrix team's number one goal is to build and deliver products that make it easier to connect and use blockchain (Of all types) for all demographics of people.

Part of this requirement also means that we have to be able to deliver content natively to all manner of people -- In order for us to do this we need YOU .

Are you billingual? Do you have a passion for spreading the power of blockchain to as many people as you can? Send us your resume and let's connect!

Together, our community is unstoppable.

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Wage Street Gaming Affiliate Partner

Do you have a passion for gaming? Do you want to make an income with competitive gaming from home?

This position entails helping spread the word of GrudgeMatchGaming and connecting with new and existing users, hearing their concerns and ensuring that our message and our communities' needs are communicated both ways effectively.

This position includes commision based on number of active players you bring into our platform as well as job-based incentives and individual pay-out plans based on value

If you want to be a contributing member of the biggest new eSports platform, send us a resume!

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